2011 Ford Mustang GT XO-Pipe Installation
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2011 Ford Mustang GT XO-Pipe Installation

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2011 Ford Mustang GT XO-Pipe Installation

This project shows you how to install an X-pipe on a 2011 Ford Mustang GT. An X-pipe balances exhaust gas pressure and pulses and, therefore, is a common exhaust system component to install for high-performance V-8 muscle cars. The X-pipe installation is common for a complete exhaust system on a particular car, which typically includes headers, cat-back mufflers, and a stainless steel exhaust pipe.

Step 1:1454

Using a 13-mm socket wrench, loosen the spherical clamps at the inlet of the H-pipe on the passenger’s side and driver’s side. Note that some Mustangs were shipped with the bolt head facing away from the ground. Use an open-end 13-mm wrench to loosen the threaded end and then turn it by hand to remove the clamp. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 2:1812

Using a 15-mm wrench, loosen the clamps after the H-pipe assembly. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 3:1927

On the driver’s side, use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the clamp spring clip from the retainer pin on the H-pipe. Repeat this on the passenger’s side. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 4:11129

Slide both clamps toward the rear of the vehicle to the free end of the H-pipes. Slide both clamps rearward to remove the stock H-pipe. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 5:11313

Pull the front of the H-pipe from the clamp joint on both sides and slide the outlet ends from the clamps to complete removal. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 6:11488

The clamps on the outlet ends will be reused. Remove them from the H-pipe assembly and install them onto the axle pipes. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step 7:11657

The Corsa XO-pipe kit includes two 70-mm spherical clamps and one 2.75-inch clamp. Apply the supplied anti-seize lubricant to the threads of all clamps. (This is necessary to avoid galling of the nuts.) Align all clamps so that the center of each clamp bolt is 90 degrees from the notch in the pipe. All clamps should be tightened using a quality torque wrench. (Using an air impact gun damages the clamp and could cause the joint to separate.) Pre-assemble the XO-pipe assembly with the separate pipe on the driver’s side, the flat 2.75-inch clamp over the expansion, and one 70-mm spherical clamp on each end. Align the clamps so that they are accessible when installed. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step  8:12375

Slide the outlet of the XO-pipe into the clamps at the inlet of the axle pipes. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step  9:12504

With clamps in place, hold the XO-pipe assembly parallel to the ground and tighten the front spherical clamps to 21 ft-lbs. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step  10:12678

Seat the front flare of the XO-pipe on the passenger’s side to the stock mating pipe and repeat this on the driver’s side. Hold the XO-pipe parallel to the ground while tightening the front spherical clamps. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step  11:12936

Slide the rear clamps forward so that the rear edge is approximately centered between the two holes in the axle pipe bracket. Using a 15-mm wrench, tighten the four bolts on the rear clamps and the 2.75-inch clamp on the driver’s side of the XO-pipe to 45 ft-lbs. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)

Step  12:13246

It is strongly recommended that all clamps are checked and retightened to the recommended torque after initial road testing of the vehicle, as thermal cycling may cause slight loosening. Be sure to wait until the exhaust system has fully cooled before checking for tightness. Tighten all clamp bolts to 45 ft-lbs. (Photo Courtesy Corsa Performance)