Properties of Aluminium Pipes
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Properties of Aluminium Pipes

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Properties of Aluminium Pipes

Our aluminium pipes are known for its amazing properties. Let’s take a look at the properties of this material.

● Corrosion Resistance

● Lightweight

● Excellent Heat and Electricity Conductor

● Impermeable and Odorless

● Ductility

● Reflectivity

● Sound and Shock Absorption


Advantages Of Aluminium Pipe

One of the best things about aluminium pipe is how flexible it is, this is a major advantage. By using aluminium pipe you will be able to install piping wherever you like in your home due to its flexibility, which may not be possible with all other materials. Because of its brilliant flexibility aluminium pipe does not require so many fastenings which is another advantage as it is much easier to install.

Another reason aluminium is great is that it is much less likely to promote bacterial growth which can often be the case with plastic piping, aluminium is seen as a much more sanitary option. Another problem with non-aluminium piping in central heating and air conditioning systems is corrosion, depending on the acidity this can be quite a major problem especially if you are using the wrong material for your pipes.

Aluminium pipes are therefore now used for widespread applications and with the latest bending techniques, their usage has become simpler and more practical.